Thursday, May 23, 2024

tapta-kanchana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari 
vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye "For over 5,000 years both male religious and Male Military regimes in every country have used women as their targets of brutal sadistic aggression and these horrible crimes against the laws of god has brought about severe merciless climate changes and weather problems in every country!"- All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga!

                 USE EXTREME CAUTION


Saturday, May 18, 2024

"Mohini Ekadashi...!"

tapta-kanchana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari 
vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye 

"Lord Krsna takes credit for destroying Evil!"

Let us fall madly in Love with Lord Krsna! Krsna destroys the illusion of evil! Satyam Param... "This Earth, is Lord Krsna! She is god! She is our mother "Krsna!" She is Srimati Rhadarani "Krsna!" Our mother earth "Krsna" Our mother earth is "IMAAN!" Satyam Param... our mother earth adores all of her daughters of all races in every  country, in all material universes, and in the spiritual sky where the law of reincarnation is not in place, and all the souls that are in the spiritual sky where the BrahmaYoti is located and the infinite spiritual universes are located understand that any abuse of power such as abusing free choice makes your soul fall into the cycle of reincarnation, experiencing very severe realities of suffering and pain ! 

 Nectar of Instruction: chant the Maha Mantra:  Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare everyday as much as you can 16 rounds or more. After each round recite the  Pancha ttava Maha Mantra : Yaya JaYa Sri Krsna- Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananada, Sri Adwaita Gadhara, Srivasadi-gaura Bhaka -Vrinda

remember this affirmations as much as you can  during the day every day, recite the Siksastakam every hour.

"I am only here to please Lord Krsna!" 

"My Love for Krsna is unstoppable and grows stronger with every breath that I take!"

 "Eternal mother earth IMAAN, please forgive me! I am so sorry! I am so ignorant! I am an idiot! I am so stupid! I am retarded!  I ask for your causeless mercy to please forgive me for committing  horrible crimes against your laws, that inflicted pain and suffering into other living entities including blowing up other planets, because I thought that I was god and that the law of cause and effect did not apply to me, and this mistaken way of thinking sent my soul into exile in this concentration camp for eternity! I  have been reduced to the state of a parasitic human being, my body is filled with urine and feces! I am lower then the worms in the stool! Please forgive me my eternal mother earth IMAAN. I don't want to be a parasite anymore! please allow me to Rise to your  Kingdom as one of your atoms at your lotus feet!" 

All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga!


ceto-darpaṇa-mārjanaḿ bhava-mahā-dāvāgni-nirvāpaṇaḿ
śreyaḥ-kairava-candrikā-vitaraṇaḿ vidyā-vadhū-jīvanam
ānandāmbudhi-vardhanaḿ prati-padaḿ pūrṇāmṛtāsvādanaḿ
sarvātma-snapanaḿ paraḿ vijayate śrī-kṛṣṇa-sańkīrtanam



nāmnām akāri bahudhā nija-sarva-śaktis
tatrārpitā niyamitaḥ smaraṇe na kālaḥ
etādṛśī tava kṛpā bhagavan mamāpi
durdaivam īdṛśam ihājani nānurāgaḥ



tṛṇād api sunīcena
taror api sahiṣṇunā
amāninā mānadena
kīrtanīyaḥ sadā hariḥ




ayi nanda-tanuja kińkaraḿ
patitaḿ māḿ viṣame bhavāmbudhau
kṛpayā tava pāda-pańkaja-
sthita-dhūlī-sadṛśaḿ vicintaya



nayanaḿ galad-aśru-dhārayā
vadanaḿ gadgada-ruddhayā girā
pulakair nicitaḿ vapuḥ kadā
tava nāma-grahaṇe bhaviṣyati



yugāyitaḿ nimeṣeṇa
cakṣuṣā prāvṛṣāyitam
śūnyāyitaḿ jagat sarvaḿ
govinda-viraheṇa me



āśliṣya vā pāda-ratāḿ pinaṣṭu mām
adarśanān marma-hatāḿ karotu vā
yathā tathā vā vidadhātu lampaṭo
mat-prāṇa-nāthas tu sa eva nāparaḥ



prabhura ‘śikṣāṣṭaka’-śloka yei paḍe, śune

kṛṣṇe prema-bhakti tāra bāḍe dine-dine

Thursday, May 16, 2024

"Mohini Ekadashi.....!" Tithi Begins - 01:52 AM on May 18, 2024 , PARANA TIME May 20, 2024 - 05:09 AM to 07:47 AM

   Let's begin Mohini Ekadashi rooting ourselves in Satyam Param Dhemani!

Krsna is the supreme personality of god head, he is the creator of your soul, he created this earth,  and all material universes, he created  the spiritual  sky, he created the brahmayoti, the entire creation rests on his body. Krsna is the sustainer, maintainer, nourisher of the entire cosmic manifestation, this earth is Krsna, Krsna  is as real as the "1 billion in arms to Israel" that War Criminal Biden  " El Señor Genocide Joe!" is sending to Israel so that the ignorant Israelite thugs posing as soldiers that are ignoring the demands of the civilian population in Israel can continue their merciless Violence Against Women and Children both Palestinian and Israelite!  and inspite of that reality that  these ignorant men keep  creating against the laws of God compromising  and exploiting the civilian population's spiritual prosperity, their mental and physical  well-being and their safety  and illegally using and stealing tax payers money to fund war crimes and genocides! Don't lose your faith in Krsna! Hold on, and don't ever let go of the God of your understanding! Fight with All your might to not continue to be stuck in the cycle of reincarnation moving from one body to the next,  even if it tortures you or kills you! Don't  keep coming back to this world of suffering and pain! All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga!




Sunday, May 5, 2024


 tapta-kanchana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari 
vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye 

God, I offer myself to Thee — to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Please relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Please take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. Please allow me to do Thy will always!

 pañca-tattvatmakam krsna bhakta-rupa-svarupakam bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam namani bhakta-saktikam
hari haraye namah krsna yadavaya namah yadavaya madhavaya kesavaya namah

gopala govinda rama sri-madhusudana giridhari gopinatha madana-mohana

  sri-caitanya-nityananda sri-advaita-sita hari guru vaisnava bhagavata

 sri-rupa sanatana bhatta-raghunatha sri-jiva gopala-bhatta dasa-raghunathaa 
Sri Sri Rhada Krsna Sri Narasimha Baghavan Praladha Maharaja Jagatha Puri Gopala   Key! (Jai!)


Saturday, May 4, 2024

"Veruthini Ekadashi ...!"


tapta-kanchana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari 
vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye 

 "If you are going ramble about something, ramble on Krsna!  Ramble on!!! "Satyam Param!" "Krsna is the absolute truth!"

No matter how severe the attacks that you experience at the mercy of ignorant corrupt military people, cops, religious affiliated people, women, men, your own family, or other. know that  Lord Krsna, (Lord Gopala Krsna)  is the absolute creator, and authority over this earth, all material universes!  Krsna created your soul and HE is the protector, nourisher and maintainer of your mind and your human body,  and that this earth, is god, an expansion of Krsna, and we are all her children. No matter what happens do not allow this ignorant men and women, program you into believing that hurting others is normal. Being bombed and having your body be dismembered and burned alive is very painful, being buried alive under rabble is very painful and it is a horrible way to die, witnessing your family being tortured and slaughtered by thugs with weapons posing as soldiers is traumatizing,  giving people men made diseases to defeat them is beyond cowardly sadistic and cruel, exploiting,  kidnapping women, raping women and torturing them, is evil.  No one that believes in god, would ever engage in this hideous acts of violence that  can only bring about severe consequences to all of those involve,  this way of programming life, is not normal. Having to watch innocent civilians be maimed and starved to death is not normal. 

Don't ever allow yourself to be programmed to become someone that justifies torture. Even if they beat you up!  Even if they hurt your body! Even if they prevent you from getting jobs, or from getting a place to live! Even if they attack you from the inside and out to cripple you! If you end up being tortured by this cops or military know without a doubt that the torture that they will experience will surpass the pain and suffering that you will suffer at their mercy. Even, if this does not seem enough right now, for action there is an equal worse reaction especially, with this military that are using sacred technology to hurt innocent civilians. The laws of god are crystal clear no one has the right to hurt other living entities for fun and pleasure or to steal from them. Being arrested and sentenced to many years in jail should be the least of your considerations if you are refusing to adapt or be programmed to hurt others and to be pulled down to the darkest regions of the evolutionary ladder by ignorant military men who think that they are god because they can beat up women, rape them and steal everything from them, military business men that are convinced that that the law of cause and effect does not apply to them. Being deported should the least of concerns! Losing your naturalization as a citizen of any country should be the least of your worries if your are standing up for your right to "Rise to the Kingdom of God!" and to have a better future that includes people of all races in every country and in all material universes not just ignorant corporate military Caucasian closeted homosexual men who hate and envy women and have no problem torturing women and children during the events that they intentionally create in order to continue their fictional narrative that leads to their wet dream of "Armageddon!", men that have been identified as "Zionist!"  Being killed or dying should be the last thing that you concern yourself with! Your soul is eternal, if you are in this world, you are condemned to die! your body dies, your soul moves on to another body or it goes home the the kingdom of god!  Fight with all your might to not be stuck in cycle of reincarnation,  remain rooted in  knowing that god is the absolute truth the supreme authority, and that he will pardon you,  just do your best to not allow others to program you to adapt to violence and always reveal the corruption and any action that violates the laws of god that govern this earth, and all material universes, even if the people you report are cops or military people that lie, cheat, and steal and support and help their corporate military Zionists buddies create events and protect their world wide network of drug cartels and sex trafficking of  women of all races and ages, and their horrific genocides and war crimes most recently during the Oct. 07, 2023 attacks on the innocent civilians in Israel and the on going attacks on the innocent civilians in  Gaza, Palestine. 

Cops, and military people that retaliate against the vulnerable civilian population, and use men, women, children as human shields, thugs posing as soldiers, that rape women, little girls and boys, and have no problem putting innocent people in wheel chairs or blinding them or crippling them when they speak up during peaceful assemblies! Be merciful, Be merciful, forgive, and forgive!

You can speak to god out loud, and appeal to him at every  moment during your day, and don't worry about what others are doing, everyone is responsible for their own choices, always, stand on the side of spiritual righteousness! Immerse yourself in complete obedience and faithfulness to Krsna!  Just concern yourself with god and surrender yourself to god completely! 

Eternal father, Krsna! Please forgive me, I hurt so many living entities in previous incarnations because I thought that I was god, and that the law of cause and effect did not apply to me, and now, I have been reduced to the state of a parasitic human being, imprisoned in a concentration camp on this earth, sentenced for billions of years to be stuck in the cycle of reincarnation with little to no chance of ever making it back to the "Kingdom of God! because of the severity of crimes that I committed against living entities that includes torturing and experimenting with women and children and lower animals such as cows and bulls, destroying planets  " I am kicking and screaming!" "Crying and shouting from my jail cell in this concentration camp!" "I am being held hostage by thugs with weapons and I am ordering them please stop hurting my brothers and sisters!"

 "I am powerless over the mental illness, greed and bigotry of ignorant and severely mentally ill military men and the women of all races that support these men that think that they are superior than others because they have guns, bombs, biological weapons, chemical weapons, and, they have perfected the many ways on how to hurt women of all races, using sexual assault/illicit sex as a weapon of mass destruction,   and, they have corrupted  all the sacred knowledge and  they have placed themselves in a position of authority and they have created fictional laws that gives them the right to lie, rape, cheat, steal, torture, and kill!"

When you have a moment do a personal inventory. Write down the "Resentments"  people, places, and things that have hurt your feelings,  and what part of your ego was bruised by the choice that you made, what made you bitter and unhappy, for instance did an interaction with another person, hurt your self esteem? did this interaction make you feel unsafe? did this interaction affected your ability to trust people? did this interaction place in you in a dangerous or uncomfortable position, did this interaction hurt your body? did this interaction displaced you from your home? did this interaction exploited you in any way? did this interaction with another person ruined your relationships with other groups of people?  did this interaction hurt the people that you love or care about? Did the interaction with another person affect your finances? Did that interaction affect your physical health?   Did that interaction with another person affect your relationship with the god of your understanding? Did that interaction interrupted your trust in god? After you write down the names and places or things that have hurt your feelings and have sabotage your relationship with the god of your understanding. Take responsibility for your part in that situation. Be kind to yourself, remind yourself  that you are responsible for the choices that you make! Become aware, that at some point during your learning, we are victims, of the ignorance of others, always forgive, and know that the only person that will deliver us is Krsna, the absolute truth, "Satyan Param...!"

"Eternal father Krsna, please forgive me I am so ignorant, I am an idiot, I am a parasite,  I don't want to be a parasite anymore.  please forgive me and allow me to Rise to the kingdom of god!"

  All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!





Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Ekadashi Varutini Tithi Begins - 01:54 PM on May 03, On 5th May, Ekadashi Ends Parana Time - 05:49 AM to 08:11 AM

tapta-kanchana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari 
vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye  

During the Varuthini Ekadashi let us meditate on the absolute truth, that Lord Gopala Krsna, is the absolute supreme creator and authority over this earth, god, and all living entities in all material universes, clearly,  this includes "Women and Children of all Races!" Let us admit to ourselves that we are powerless and victims of the ignorance of all military regimes in every country and their intelligence communities. Let us become aware that this "Prison house!" is no longer just a "Prison house!" but rather a   concentration camp a "laboratory" worse that "Auschwitz" programmed and administrated by military business men posing as "Christian" Corporate military Zionists and some men that are Israelite military Corporate Zionists along with their military male buddies of all races, including, wealthy business men born in Middle Eastern countries, posing as Muslim,  that have complete control over law enforcement  "Cops"  "the Police" and the Justice System in every country, that are convinced that they are gods, because they have guarded themselves with guns, bombs, biological weapons, and have hire thugs to pose as  as law enforcement in order to continue their world wide assault against women of all races and have taught all the men to continue to rape  women to steal from them, and to force them into prostitution and regardless of this reality, realize and root yourself into the true reality that god is the supreme authority and creator of all that is, and that god, is the only person that you should be concern about and that god is the only person that you answer to, and that all that matters is what god thinks about you and what he says about you! "Our soul is eternal!" Hurting others will keep you stuck in the cycle of reincarnation! "I wish I could change this fact of life, but, it is written in our holy books, and, this truth is the infinite truth it applies to all living entities that are currently incarnated in all material universes! 

Surrender to the god of your understanding and know, that he is the only one that can deliver us from this Concentration Camp! And, that he will remember those who stand against "Violence Against Women and Children Of All Races!" and  all the people who are trying to stop the Palestinian torture and Genocide composed mostly of women and children, and all the ongoing torture of the vulnerable population in every country that this  military business people are oppressing and experimenting with right in front of our eyes on behalf of their Military business men " the Zionist" buddies who give their thugs perks and snacks to support their fantasy world of intentionally beating up women, raping them, stealing from them, maiming women and children for fun and pleasure. Lord Gopala Krsna will be merciful to all of us who remain focus on our path of spiritual righteousness at the time of judgment day! - All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!


yo ’jñāna-mattaṁ bhuvanaṁ dayālur ullāghayann apy akarot pramattam  sva-prema-sampat- sudhayādbhutehaṁ śrī-kṛṣṇa-caitanyam amuṁ prapadye